1. Scope


This document contains a framework for performance based competency standards for two levels of project manager. The contents of this document may be used “as is” to expedite the process of standards development, may be tailored to reflect cultural differences or local practice, or may be mapped to other standards to facilitate transferability of qualifications.


The GAPPS Framework consists of:

  • Performance based competency standards for two levels of the role of project manager.
  • A detailed approach to differentiating the two roles or levels based upon project management complexity.
  • Supporting material to aid in the application of the standards.


The two levels addressed, called Global Level 1 and Global Level 2, are differentiated by the management complexity of the project. Section 3 describes how to evaluate management complexity in the application of the GAPPS framework.


This framework is intended to be used to assess threshold competency — demonstration of the ability to do something at a standard considered acceptable in the workplace. It is applicable to Global Level 1 and Global Level 2 project managers in all fields of endeavour including, but not limited to: architecture, biotechnology, construction, design, education, engineering, financial services, government, government contracting, information systems, not-for-profit operations, pharmaceuticals, software, and telecommunications.


The GAPPS framework recognises that Global Level 1 and Global Level 2 are a subset of the full range of project manager performance: entry-level project managers generally function at a level of management complexity below that required for Global Level 1 while highly complex projects may require a level of performance beyond that of a Global Level 2 project manager.