Project Sponsors

GAPPS Guiding Framework for Project Sponsors

Download the Guiding Framework for Project Sponsors

This new guide for project sponsors was finalised and approved at a recent thought leadership forum in the UK by GAPPS, the independent catalyst for global project standards.

The guide which was two years in the making, fills a gap in the project landscape which has until now, not had clear direction on the performance capabilities required by project sponsors.

Research and practice have found that effective sponsorship is critical to success. As there were no existing standards for this role, GAPPS drew upon available resources as a starting point for developing a performance based approach to guide those in project sponsorship roles.  Primary references for this development were:

  • Sponsoring change: a guide to the governance aspects of project sponsorship. APM (2009) and
  • Situational sponsorship of projects and programs:  an  empirical review.  Crawford et al. (2008), PMI Research Monograph

The framework contains 34 performance criteria within 10 elements  and three major areas of responsibility in which project sponsors should be competent: taking accountability for the project; supporting the project manager; and, supporting the project.

The development of the guiding framework included a broad spectrum of project stakeholders from professional bodies, the corporate world, government bodies and regulators and academics.

As good sponsors are the key to a successful project, the guiding framework  which is published at the GAPPS website, is expected to be welcomed by the business and project community worldwide.