Project Managers

To provide a neutral spine as a basis for comparing standards, GAPPS drew upon existing project management standards (PMI, IPMA, AIPM, ECITB, ANCSPM / IBSA, SAQA, P2M) to identify the most  common elements.  These were then developed into ab assessment tool in the form of performance based competency standards which complement knowledge based standards by describing what needs to be done in a particular role.

One of the challenges in doing this was defining the Project Manager role in a way that would be applicable across a wide range of organisations, application areas and project types.

Project Managers are expected to produce essentially the same results – outputs and outcomes that are acceptable to relevant stakeholders.  However, the context in which these results are produced may differ: some projects are inherently harder to manage than others.  A project manager who is competent to manage an easier, less complex project may not be competent to manage a harder, more complex project.

To differentiate between levels of project manager competence, GAPPS  developed the CIFTER, a tool for categorising projects based on their management complexity.

There are six (6) units covered by the GAPPS Project Assessment Tool. They are;

PM01 Manage Stakeholder Relationships

PM02 Manage Development of the Plan for the Project

PM03 Manage Project Progress

PM04 Manage Product Acceptance

PM05 Manage Project Transitions

PM06 Evaluate and Improve Project Performance

Using the GAPPS Project Manager Assessment Tool

The GAPPS Project Manager Standards can be used in many different ways. These include using

  • The comparison mapping of GAPPS to other national and global standards to understand how the different standards compare in terms of the content they cover
  • The GAPPS standard as the basis for creating a new customised standard for your organisation or nation
  • The GAPPS standard for conducting assessments of individual project managers
  • The GAPPS standard for guiding development of your own competence
  • The GAPPS standard for reviewing the content of training courses being offered to ensure they include all the aspects of competency a project manager should possess

Download the GAPPS Project Manager Assessment Framework