Project Controls

There are many standards for Project Controls and roles in this area are diverse, ranging from entry level project support roles to executive level Controls Directors, and with opportunities for specialisation in areas such as cost, scheduling and risk.

To develop a better understanding of Project Controls across a range of roles and contexts, and to provide a basis for comparison of existing standards for project controls, the GAPPS embarked on development of a generic, performance based competency framework.  The starting point for this work was provided by existing standards for project controls including those of AACEI, ACostE, ECITB, AIQS, SAQA and APM (Introduction to Project Control).

Work on Project Controls is in progress.  Contribute to the development of the framework, share your knowledge and experience with your peers, and receive early insights by attending the next GAPPS Thought Leadership Forum where Project Controls, including roles and career progression, will be a major focus.

We have published A Guiding Framework for Project Controls available for download.