Tools for Assessment

As part of their work in assessment comparison of project based standards, GAPPS has developed Performance Based Competency Standards (PBCS) which complement knowledge based standards by describing what needs to be done in a particular role.  Such standards, also called occupational standards (UK), are particularly useful as a basis for practical work-based assessment.

Assessment against Performance Based Competency Standards (PBCS) requires practitioners to provide evidence of what they have done on projects and how it satisfies the performance criteria for workplace performance.  Assessors would need to consider the specific context and consider:

  • What skills and knowledge are needed to demonstrate this standard of performance?
  • What are the parameters for collecting evidence and assessing performance?

Individuals can use the standards as guidelines for understanding their role and improving performance and organisations can find them useful as a way of understanding what is actually being done by their people in the workplace.

The GAPPS has developed standards and assessment tools for:

and endorses guidelines developed by Bond University