Endorsed Providers

The GAPPS Quality Assurance (QA) model has been developed to support quality implementation of the GAPPS Framework.

The QA Model is designed to ensure the integrity of any mutual recognition or assessment against the GAPPS framework. It is also designed to provide a level of confidence that an organisation awarding recognition and providing certification against the GAPPS Framework is doing so in a manner that has been approved by the GAPPS. The QA model addresses the diversity of potential users and providers of GAPPS and the varying quality assurance systems they operate within around the world.

There are three (3) categories of endorsed provider

  1. Government Qualification Bodies
  2. Non-Government Professional Bodies
  3. Independent Assessment Providers

Government Qualification and Non-Government Professional Bodies seeking to apply for a blanket endorsement for their registered organisations or members should contact GAPPS directly for more information on how to become an endorsed provider – info@globalpmstandards.org.

If your organisation is an independent assessment provider looking to enhance your current business by becoming an Endorsed GAPPS provider you can begin the process of endorsement immediately. Get Started Now

Benefits of Being an Endorsed Provider

  • Enhance the value of your local, national or organisation specific project management certification process by including the “stamp of approval” from GAPPS to the certificates you issue
  • Promote the global goal of mutual recognition and transportability of national or local qualifications and certifications
  • Test the rigour of your internal QA and assessment processes against excellence in assessment against performance based competency standards