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The Global Alliance for the Project Professions (GAPPS) is a non-profit volunteer driven organisation that provides a forum for stakeholders from differing operating contexts to work together to address the emerging needs of the global project management community.   The GAPPS welcomes any organisation public or private that wants to join and be a part of the learning and work we do.  Apply for membership, join us now.

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The GAPPS Membership Fee is a once-off investment of $3,000.00 AUD ex GST.  There are no ongoing annual fees for membership.

Membership of GAPPS is an opportunity to support, contribute to and influence the agenda for development of frameworks that facilitate mutual recognition and global transferability of project management standards and qualifications.   A Member of GAPPS must be an organisation and cannot be an individual. Where a member is an Association or organisation any nominated staff member or volunteer of that organisation may be considered as a representative of that organisation.

The formal conditions for the admission to membership are:

  • Member organisations commit to recognising assessment findings against GAPPS framework made by other endorsed organisations in line with the Constitution and Membership guidelines
  • Agreement to abide by the GAPPS Code of Conduct as set out in the By-Laws of the GAPPS constitution

Members of GAPPS are entitled to:

  • Nominate a representative for membership of the GAPPS Board
  • Use the GAPPS Member logo in line with the usage guidelines
  • Attendance by representatives at Working Sessions at membership rate
  • Contribute to strategic direction and administration of GAPPS through boards/chairs/committees
  • Host Working Sessions
  • Have a link provided to their organisation on GAPPS website

For more benefits of GAPPS membership click here.

An organisation’s admission as Member is subject to approval by the GAPPS Board.  Membership will only become valid on payment of the first year’s membership fee, and will lapse if that is not paid within three months of the Board meeting at which membership was approved.

Membership fees are a once only payment. No refunds of membership fees will be paid even in the instance where withdrawal occurs part way through the first financial year of membership.

No personal financial liability shall exist in respect of the commitments of being a GAPPS member.