Independent Assessment Provider Endorsement Process

The Endorsement Provider Application process has several steps as shown in the diagram below. 

Endorsed provider diagram

Step 1: Review Application Requirements

Your organisation should review the application form, the costs and the Portfolio of Evidence requirements. If you have questions or need advice please contact the GAPPS secretariat at



Step 2: Submit your Application Form

To begin the endorsement provider process you must submit an application and pay the non-refundable endorsement application fee. The application fee is $2,500 AUD. This fee is used to cover the cost of processing your application and reviewing your portfolio of evidence.

Step 3: Prepare your Portfolio of Evidence

The GAPPS will provide you with a support pack that includes a sample set of evidence to help you prepare your portfolio of evidence. Your organisation will need to create an electronic portfolio of evidence with documentation to show how your organisation meets the four (4) assessment criteria.

Step 4: Assessment of your Portfolio

GAPPS will review your portfolio of evidence. There are four possible outcomes:

  1. Endorsed – no further action required
  2. Conditionally Endorsed – with recommendations/actions to be met within 30 days*
  3. Not Yet Endorsed –  Re-submit application with recommended amendments within 90 days**
  4. Not Endorsed – New application required

If additional information is required your organisation will have time to collect and resubmit with the time lines outlined above.

Step 5: Registration

Once your organisation confirmed as Endorsed your organisation will need to pay your registration fee. Registration is $2,500 AUD. Registration lasts for three (3) years. Re-registration is $1,500 for the following 3 years.