GAPPS publishes A Guiding Framework for Project Controls

We are pleased to announce we have published our Guiding Framework for Project Controls.

We sincerely thank all contributors who made the creation of this document possible.

Our contributors were:

Adamopoulos, Pierre Heriot Watt University
Aitken, Alicia PPG / Telstra
Al-Qahtani, Ali S Ma’aden Aluminium Company
Al-Shammary, Sami Ma’aden Aluminium Company
Andrew Gale University of Manchester

The University of Manchester

Andrew Tims Major Projects Authority, UK
Angelilo, Stephen NASA
Baker, Chris NAB
Baker, Rod APMG
Bibby, Jon Costain
Ben Aiben, Saad Ma’aden Aluminium Company
Bentley, Lesley Living Planit
Best, Robert Services SETA
Billat, Pensilla Sasol Ltd
Botes, Melani SOLAL
Buhagiar, Michael The University of Sydney
Callaway, Amy TBH Group
Castillo, Omar The University of Sydney
Chen, Helen Centre for Public Project Management
Chung, Ken The University of Sydney
Coleman, Sarah APM
Crawford, Lynn The University of Sydney
Darley, Martin AACEI
David Preece APM
Duncan, Bill asapm
Edwards, Andrew State Emergency Services/NSW Fire & Rescue
Egbu, Charles Doctoral student, London Southbank University, LSBU
Eltinayn, Nuha Doctoral student, London Southbank University, LSBU
Ferrabone, Galileo Sasol
Fitzgerald, Donna asapm
Floris, Maurizio JGCPL, The University of Sydney
Forth, Shane Costain
Framp, Melody Human Systems Asia Pacific
Gale, Andy UoM & UoC
Gardiner, Paul BUiD
Gaspar, Josephine Snowdon Group
George, Stella Athabasca University
Giammalvo, Paul PTMC
Graham, Robert Heriot Watt University
Gray Garraway, Isabelle Department of Premier and Cabinet
Haddad, Rania Caparol Paints
Haggerty, Patrick AACEI
Hancock, Gill APM
Haniff, Amos Heriot Watt University
Hearne, Pam University of Cumbria
Heymans, Christa Sasol Ltd
Ho, Bernard SPM
Hoffman, Ed NASA
Kaesler, Shane BAE Systems Australia
Kananu, Rose Sasol
Keeys, Lynn Independent consultant
Kirkham Richard University of Manchester
Knoepfel, Hans IPMA
Khorsand Moadab Mohsen University of Manchester
Kruger, J C Greybeards
Lai, Ruby SPM
Langston, Craig Bond University
Liu, Lucia Lend Lease
Magee, Kevin NASA
Manton-Hall, Patricia Independent Consultant (formerly Bechtel)
Maria Doufa University of Manchester
Mavuso, Johannes Sasol Ltd
Milsom, Peter APMG
Morar, Sunil Sasol Ltd
Morgan, David BG Group
Myezo, Mpho Petro SA
Nalewaik, Alexia AACEI
Noble, Will Human Systems Asia Pacific
Omokhomion , Itua London Southbank University
Osola, Ann University of Cumbria
Peh, Luke SPM
Petit, Ivan UQAM
Petro, Yacoub MHW, Stantec
Piesker, Julia Heriot Watt University
Preece, David APM
Pretorius, Carl Sasol Ltd
Radyati, Maria Independent consultant
Reay Atkinson, Simon The University of Sydney
Reinhard Wagner IPMA
Rider, Lesley Services SETA / PMSA
Rodrigues, Chantal Services SETA
Ruiz, Natalie Heriot Watt University
Rutherford Jones, John Sasol Ltd
Sakhaee, Ehssan The University of Sydney
Sargent, Roy Building and Asset Services
Schaden, Brigitte IPMA
Schmemr, Werner IPMA
Sedlmayer, Martin IPMA
Seng King, Ting SPM
Simmonds, Tony Interlink Technologies
Sompie, Meiske TBH Group
Tharakan Mulackal, Philips AACEI
Thomas, Janice Athabasca University
Tillin, Adrian QGC / BG Group
Van Waveren, Beno Sasol Ltd
Veloz, Carolina UTS
Voolhofer, Alexander Projekt Management Austria
Wallace, Yvonne Living Planit
Wilson, Liz APM
Witte, Rob Worley Parsons
Ying Chang University of Manchester
Yip, Kim Seng SPM
Yuen, Mun Wye SPM
Ziying Liang University of Manchester


Join us in Lancaster, England for our 44th TLF

We will hold our 44th TLF on 21-22 June 2019

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Workstreams will include


Leadership in Complexity

Work with an international team thought leaders to learn and contribute to identifying key competencies required for leadership in

  • Complexity
  • Projects
  • Programmes



Join us in Hungary for TLF43

Join us in Hungary for our next Thought Leadership Forum

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Review our Project Controls Exposure Draft document

You are invited to review our exposure draft of our Framework for Performance Based Competency Standards for Project Controls.

The document is available at this link



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