Launch of ‘A Guiding Framework for Leadership in Complexity’

The Global Alliance for the Project Professions (GAPPS) announces the launch of our globally developed A Guiding Framework for Leadership in Complexity intended to be used by businesses, academic institutions, training providers, professional associations, and government standards and qualifications bodies globally.

Faced with volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environments, governments, individuals, and both public and private sector organisations have become interested in frameworks and guidance that describe competencies required for leading in complexity. This complexity can be associated with dealing with interdependencies and delivery of endeavours in many different contexts including projects, programs, contracts, supply chain, and business as usual across all industries.

With over three years of research, development, and rigorous workshopping by attendees at our Thought Leadership Forums, and including collaboration with the International Centre for Complex Project Management, the GAPPS team has released a fully developed, peer reviewed framework presented in the form of descriptors of minimum acceptable performance in the workplace. The framework may be used “as is” to speed the development of local standards, or they may be adapted to local needs.

GAPPS is leading the way in the development of performance based standards having released the first ever globally developed standard for project managers in 2006.

Adoption of the framework for leadership in complexity as best practice by organisations worldwide could provide real opportunities to improve program management capability and competence. Resultant growth in performance levels may ultimately lead to business improvement and economic reward.

The GAPPS team comprises representatives from industry, academia, national training authorities, and professional associations in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Russia and South Africa. The team works collaboratively to develop tools that provide for global portability of program and project management qualifications, certifications, and development programs.

Currently program and project management magazines and journals world-wide report that organisations and companies are still suffering significant revenue loss due to poor performance and/or failure of their programs and projects. Adoption of the GAPPS tools may assist organisations by providing a means for developing their program and project performance capability, leading to their being more competitive in the market place.

The GAPPS tools can be adopted by organisations for the assessment, development, and certification of their program and project managers, in their entirety or customised to support existing program and project management cultures, processes, tools, and models.  Utilisation of the standards could potentially result in a demonstrable improvement to the organisation’s bottom line by revolutionising the way programs and projects are managed.

The GAPPS tools may be downloaded free of charge from the GAPPS web site.

To join us at our 50th Thought Leadership Forum (20-21 April 2021 online), please visit the GAPPS website




Our newest guiding framework will be released on 14th February 2021

GAPPS will release our next guiding framework ‘A Guiding Framework for Leadership in Complexity’. We have worked on this document for the past three years, along with our valuable Thought Leadership Forum attendees and with cooperation from the International Centre for Complex Project Management.

We will publish the document on our website.

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TLF42 was a success in Bali

Our final Thought Leadership Forum (#42) for 2018 was recently held in Seminyak, Bali.

We had a productive session looking at the Sustainable Development Goals (UNESCO) and how the project management industry can work with these to become more inclusive and sustainable.

During our TLF sessions, we updated the Standards mapping for this year available on our Tools page for download.

Please enjoy some photos from the forum below. A report on the outcomes of the event will be uploaded shortly.

International press on our Guiding Framework

We are happy to see that our Guiding Framework for Project Sponsors is gaining international traction.

Projekt-Magazin (Germany) the professional portal of Project Management provides news, tools, resources and information for the project management community.

See Projekt-Magazin’s review of our framework here.

Our Guiding Framework is now available for download here.

A Guiding Framework for Project Sponsors

GAPPS has released a new guide for project sponsors which was finalised and approved at a recent thought leadership forum in the UK.

The framework contains 34 performance criteria within 10 elements  and three major areas of responsibility in which project sponsors should be competent: taking accountability for the project; supporting the project manager; and, supporting the project.

This new guide for project sponsors was finalised and approved at a recent thought leadership forum in the UK by GAPPS, the independent catalyst for global project standards.

GAPPS would like to thank our reviewers who helped build this invaluable tool.

Release – GAPPS Guiding Framework for Project Sponsors