Board Members

The GAPPS is governed by an appointed Chair and an elected board of directors comprising two representatives from each of the four membership classes:

  • Standards and Qualification Organisations
  • Project Management Profession Associations
  • Academic and Training Institutions
  • Industry

Each member of GAPPS is entitled to nominate one individual from their membership class as a Director.  Directors are appointed for two years following the Annual General Meeting which occurs in September / October each year.

Nominate for the GAPPS Board:  If you are thinking of nominating a representative for the GAPPS Board you should forward your nomination between June and September to providing the name of the nominee, the membership class in which they are being nominated, and their Curriculum Vitae.

Note that GAPPS is entirely volunteer driven and expenses of GAPPS Board participation by Directors is the responsibility of the individual or their nominating member organisation.

The GAPPS was constituted as an Australian Public Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Capital divided into Shares (a corporate form associated with charities, trade associations and not-for-profit organisations) in 2006 so that it could hold the copyright for all material produced by the GAPPS in order to ensure its continuing open source availability.