About Us

The GAPPS is a unique alliance of government, industry, professional associations, national qualification bodies and training/academic institutions that have been working together since 2003 to help practitioners and organisations make sense of the many standards and certifications available globally to guide the management of projects.  Our primary aim is to facilitate mutual recognition and transferability of project management standards and qualifications by providing the global project management community with a reliable source of comparative information.

WS31 Tokyo Group PictureThe GAPPS is driven by informed and experienced volunteers.  Everything we produce is made available, free of charge, for download from our website.

Membership of the GAPPS is open to any organisation that wants to contribute to and benefit from enhanced understanding of resources available for the development and assessment of competence in all aspects of the management and leadership of projects.  Member organisations can guide the work of the GAPPS and have early access to works in progress.  Their representatives can develop their networks, skills and understanding by working with leading international practitioners and academics.